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We Value Your Time. Let Us Make It Easy For YOU to shop responsibly + Empower You To Have Your Mark In The Market #ForGood. We Know You're Busy!
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Here's me displaying the Sales Tax Permit Certificate Of Authority for Sparkle + Conquer. LLC in the "place of business"........Sales tax Permit Certificate of Authority

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What IS Sparkle + Conquer?

Who's behind this sparkly idea?

Hey there! I'm Sez.

Thanks for checking out the #SocialGood Marketplace!

If you’re a gold hearted, time poor person who wants to be ‘better’ at this conscious living thang, ‘better’ at being the organized one, ‘better’ at spending money on things that matter and don’t cost the world (in every sense/cents), well my friend you are in the right place!

This is for all the “ME’s” of the world – (that's me, the spazz who can't take a proper pic).



My brain wanted to purchase in a socially responsible way, but if I got “busy” (which is always , right) I just bought whatever was most convenient – then feeling guilty I didn’t have the time to put into looking into it, feeling guilty for letting my job takeover my personal time hence no time to buy 'better', and feeling guilty for not actively working to make this world a better place for my crazy little girl..... I had to do something...anything!!

Sound familiar? Don’t worry I got yo back girl – for gifts anyway (for now).


I wanted unique gifts that are; made well, made fairly, made my eyes sparkle AND I wanted them to do more….. I knew there were tonnes of alternatives out there for gifts and everyday items that were being produced – people were working hard to bring these things to the marketplace but getting over shadowed by the ‘big guys’ and the conveniences of getting everything in one place – hello Amazon –but in these marketplaces, it’s hard to compete on price and hard to convey the story of a product…..  Plus it just gets a bit ‘hard’ to search through the online jungle from site to site – checking where things have been made etc.

So Hey there…. this passion project was born. A #SocialGood Marketplace where you can shop til your mouse drops knowing every item is not only going to give you or your recipient peep a twinkle in their eye, but it’s also going to give people you don’t even know – a sparkling good twinkle too. I want you to Sparkle + Conquer at being the 'good' you and help contribute to #ConquerACause.

What else will you get from here besides an awesome curation of goodies to buy?
Tit bits of actionable info/checklists/cheat sheets/blogs to help you sprinkle some social goodness in your everyday - basically rock being a #Changemaker!

What you won’t find here.....

If you’re looking for crystals from the Sahara Desert bathed in the tears of a unicorn.....

professional info-graphics on "The meteorologic growth effect of kale" or “1000 Ethical Tips On Washing Your Cat....” you’re in the wrong spot.

I’m Sez, according to my personal IG bio I’m a “Mumma + Wifey + Spazz” (feel free to check me out @the_mcginny_collective ) – so the blogs and posts will be written by me for the me’s -  bite sized doses of food for thought, actionable shanizz, easy to the peasy tips to help you shine – No drowning in overwhelm - Gahh to overwhelm.

Sign up to get your Free Monthly Gift Planner + check out here how to use it so you can empty your brains and bask in your organizational world changing greatness.

So help spread the word so we can influence and change the market demand and support the #Changemakers of the world – seriously, all the makers are doing the hard work – they design, build and contribute directly to causes for #SocialGood – all we have to do is SUPPORT them!

Gift by Gift we’ll #ConquerACause.

P.S.  Just in case you’re feeling ripped off by not getting an info-graphic, here’s one I prepared earlier…..

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