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Branded Collective
When I first set out to look for items for the gifts for good, that made a difference and had a powerful story, I came across Branded Collective jewelry after seeing an IG post of one of the beautiful messages of a wearer to the makers of the jewelry.  This is just one of the amazing aspects about BC that struck me, the ability for a wearer to actually thank and express their thoughts with the makers. TheRead More
getting out of your comfort zone
 The Comfort Zone The beautiful sphere of your world.   Surrounded by people you love. Spending time doing things you love. Have a job you love (maybe?). Eat what you love (sometimes too much). You have pretty things that you love (sometimes too many). Posted on social media those very things you love (again…sometimes too much).   Sounds great right!  The ultimate life goal. Comfy comfort zone.   But you want MORE.  You’re not a greedy personRead More
YUHME worlds most eco reusable water bottle social enterprise
Scrolling through the interweb with a sweaty baby stuck to one arm not daring to move in case it wakes the beast....... I came across another Mumma's story.....the story behind YUHME and all the way in Sweden but with the same desires as me, and I'm sure a bazillion Mummas in the world. Show your babies you can do anything, you can make a positive impact on this world and live a full life and benefit others. Eva (my baby)Read More
The Inspired Files
Hey! Welcome to the first in The Inspired Files a collection of inspiration to inspire social good living. Since we moved to this concrete jungle where dreams are made of, we haven't gotten around to getting a TV and I have to say it's been great! As I mentioned I am a sucker for trashy romcoms and told hubby that watching Gossip Girl was research..... something else to get off my chest, WTF is withRead More
To be able to give meaningful gifts and #PurchaseWithPurpose (don't be a Homer Simpson + get your Marge a bowling ball) for the recipient + with social impact in mind, take a sec to be mindful and enjoy the experience. Before you know it, you’ll be every ones “Gift Giving Hero”! (including the people you don’t know, who benefited from your conscious buying choices! #SynergyOfGood). YAY for everyone!!! Did that help?! No, you ran outta coffee aRead More