Bloggin #ForGood

Bloggin For Good

To be able to give meaningful gifts and #PurchaseWithPurpose (don't be a Homer Simpson + get your Marge a bowling ball) for the recipient + with social impact in mind, take a sec to be mindful and enjoy the experience. Before you know it, you’ll be every ones “Gift Giving Hero”! (including the people you don’t know, who benefited from your conscious buying choices! #SynergyOfGood). YAY for everyone!!! Did that help?! No, you ran outta coffee aRead More
OK so you’ve got your Gift Planner printed and you’re on your way to being a Gift Giving Hero! Did you know? Americans spend on average almost $1000 on Christmas alone……… #ConsciousConsumer Imagine if all $1000 was spent on #giftsthatgiveback!  The social impact would be huge + has not cost you 1 cent more! Win Win Win! "At the end of the day, consumer social responsibility supersedes corporate social responsibility. The ability to shape marketRead More
Why do Men Hate Shopping  - has confirmed our general feeling about men + shopping. I know for a lot of guys, the gift giving duties are usually passed over to the woman of the house as it is just not their ’thing’ – what they really mean is; it makes them want to bite their own elbows, weep + hope it’ll go away. What men ARE GOOD at is – taking instructions, getting in + outRead More
Gift Giving Joy Mindful Mate Buying Gifts
The Mindful Mate Hands up if you love getting gifts! YASSS! Hands up if you love giving gifts! YASSS! Hands up if you love picking out the gifts! No?  Why not? Oh coz they might know you forgot and that you're re-gifting the wine they got you 3 Christmases ago + dressing it up with the flowers from the service station....... Meaningful Gift Giving A thoughtful + meaningful gift is something you immediately know the “Gifter” hasRead More
Sparkle + Conquers mission is to create a community of conscious consumers by sprinkling her passion for giving-back through meaningful and unique gifts for all. She will ignite your inner sparkle by inspiring you to make conscious buying decisions, by promoting artisans + #changemaker works, celebrating passionate purpose led people + building a community of thoughtful gift givers. As you support Sparkle + Conquer + become a “sparkler”, you shine knowing that every gift from her careful curation willRead More