Inspire Social Good: The Inspired Files – April


Welcome to the first in The Inspired Files a collection of inspiration to inspire social good living.
Since we moved to this concrete jungle where dreams are made of, we haven't gotten around to getting a TV and I have to say it's been great!

As I mentioned I am a sucker for trashy romcoms and told hubby that watching Gossip Girl was research..... something else to get off my chest, WTF is with the ending of Pretty Little Liars? #disappointed


I've read a bazillion more books than I ever have (thanks to Brooklyn and New York Library), started listening to podcasts while fixing dinner (what I used to do was bring all the veggies into the lounge and set up the chopping board so I could chop n watch - where's the baby you say? Rolling around on the mat sucking on all her toys with that glassy-eyed look babies get when they hit the good spot #teething)


Anywho, I L O V E reading/learning/making lists (and rarely checking them all off before I start a new list).  I thought I was a bit of an excitable 3 year old trapped in a 30 something Mumma as my attention span can be quite erratic!  I might be infatuated with a new craft, buy everything required to be a professional then pack it away as soon as I found a new 'thing' to be infatuated learning a new language......but have been re-assured that I'm not crazy its creativity......

So,  I've also started reading a lot about people in this social good space, which I will share the highlights of their crazy journey, as well as the inspirational things I've read/listened to, that will help live a simple #SocialGood Lifestyle.


Slow Your Home


Slow Your Home Podcast: Your Why: Why start with Why?

You hear so much about "What's Your WHY" - I get it, I just have many Whys flapping around but this lil podcast provides that bit more clarity.  Looking forward to listening to the 149 podcasts produced before this one!


The Culturist

The Unexpected Things That Happen When You Love What You Do

By Maria Russo @thecultureist

I actually only related to about 30% of this blog post but I still enjoyed it.  I am lucky to not have come across anyone that doesn't think I can do it, no haters yet touch wood!  BUT I have definitely enjoyed the "like attracts like" theory and met some peeps on the same page to discuss the exciting curly journey of starting a biz.
Fav line: ".......... you are letting all the unconscious talents bottled up inside spew out through each of your senses, opening up a world of new possibilities."
Made me feel better about my brain explosions, some people refer to them as 'brainstorming'.

Check out The Cultureist, it's a media platform & movement for social good that revolves around a community of travelers, dreamers & changemakers.


Be Social Change

Be Social Change

I'd been hunting for my local social good community hub and the universe heard me (and probably saw me flapping around like a cat with sticky tape on its paws #funnynotfunny).  A friend I'd met at another event emailed me the link to Be Social Change and I clicked the link and saw they had an awesome free event the next night and Tah-DAH there I went! (After having to strategically get hubby home early to tag team him in on baby watch).

@marcossalazar Spoke about the basics of Social Entrepreneurship, differences between non-profits, B Corps, Benefit Corps and of course Social Enterprises.  Breaking down the basic steps to go through to ensure you have a successful launch......Sooooo I guess I will do a little backward prep work and take it from there!

Clarified quite a few things, particularly as I'm not only starting a new biz but in a country, I am not familiar with!

Looking forward to more events and meeting like -minded peeps!

Biggest takeaway:  Are You Building a Startup or Amplifying Impact?


Would love to here from you, great blogs/podcasts, social good communities or people who have given you those gold nuggets to reflect on to keep on keeping on!

Sez xxx